Samsung Young Design Awards 2007


This was the official website for the 2007 Samsung Young Design Awards, a proactive learning program for students.

Content is from the site's 2007 archived pages. and other sources.


first phase

Subscribe and download the competition entry kit. Once you completed the subscription you will receive your Entry Code.
Students have to react to the brief uploading their work in SYDA website before 00:30 Central European Time (CET) of the 15th June 2007.
Students must clearly communicate their design concept utilizing sketches, storyboards, renders, pictures and any kind of visual tool that can help to best describe the innovative idea.

second phase

During the fist Jury’s session will be selected the most 10/15 interesting entries.
Selected students will be announced the 2nd July, this day is also the opening of the second competition phase.
Based on the jury feedback and comment selected student have to redesign their initial idea and upload in SYDA web site their new work by 00:30 Central European Time (CET) of 5th September 2007.

final event

On November 2007 Samsung Electronics Italia, with the contribution of ADI, will organize the Award Ceremony where selected students will be awarded and selected project will be exhibited.



1. What is the Samsung Young Design Award?
Samsung Young Design Award is a proactive learning program for students. Students have the chance to challenge their creative flair following competition theme. After this step, they will have the unique opportunity to receive a feedback from the jury (which is composed of very famous designers). The Jury will support the award as a learning process, by: understanding subject, finding concept and designing selecting innovative concepts based on evaluation criteria making a first selection, giving students a pro/cons comment on their project making students refine their projects for final development. Then, selected students will present to the jury the final concept and projects mock ups during the final event and the jury will announce the winners. If you would like to receive some more additional information about the industrial design in Italy please check out the ADI web site at:

  2. Do I need to produce a prototype?
No you don’t need to produce a prototype for this competition. This competition requires illustrations only.

  3. It is possible to integrate into the concept a technology solution that doesn’t exist today?
Yes, as long as the idea is coherent with the ranked judging criteria. For example, the emerging technologies around big data have incentivized some contestants to consult DevOps engineers to place development protocols in the cloud. We encourage this provided that the end result is not entirely dependent on obscure or unproven technical solutions.

  4. Can I send in more than one project?
Yes. Participants are allowed to submit 2 projects maximum for this competition. If the same entrant send more than two projects he/she will be disqualified and will not be considered in any of the submitted projects.

  5. Will my entry be posted on regardless if I win?
Yes, a final event will be organized in a winner ceremony where all the selected work will be on show.

  6. Do I need to submit in hard copy my project?
No, this is a web based competition, to participate you should first subscribe in the SYDA web site and then upload your work indicating just your entry code.

  7. Will the sent PDF files be printed? What type of format will be used for the printing?
All the received PDF file will be printed for the first Jury session on A4 format. Portrait or landscape is up to the participants.

  8. Who can enroll this competition?

 9. What is the quality for the submitted work?








Dear students...
Dear students,
the award’s first submission phase is now terminated.
Thanks to all of you, all projects show great effort and enthusiasm!

On 2nd July 2007 selected student will be contacted i...


Dear students...
Dear students
on the 15th of June the first phase of the SYDA will end up.
Those who won’t upload their projects within that date, will be automatically excluded from the Competition.
For any furth...



Samsung Young Designer Award 2007: Winner
Concept: This booth was inspired by sumsung U700.
Group member : Vilawan Layanun, Vipasporn Sripom, Navapron Wongphet, Parinthon Rattanataveesopon
Design Structure : Wall panel size based on standard side of particle board and  more flexible for bigger areas of exhibition. The booth based on the product concept.


Samsung Young Design Award: Nurturing the Next Generation of Design Innovators

The Samsung Young Design Award (SYDA) is a prestigious competition aimed at fostering creativity and innovation among young designers. Since its inception, the award has become a significant platform for students in industrial and interaction design programs, particularly in Italy, to showcase their talents and push the boundaries of design.

History and Evolution

The Samsung Young Design Award was launched in 2007 with the goal of creating a strong collaboration between Samsung and Italian design institutions. The competition sought to highlight and support new talents, promoting the importance of design in solving real-world problems. Over the years, the award has evolved, continually adapting to incorporate new themes and technological advancements. Each iteration of the competition has emphasized sustainability, innovation, and social impact, reflecting Samsung's commitment to ethical and meaningful design.

Structure of the Competition

The competition typically unfolds in multiple phases. Initially, students are invited to register and submit their design concepts based on a given theme. These entries are then reviewed by a panel of esteemed judges, including renowned designers and industry experts. The judging process is rigorous, with criteria focusing on creativity, feasibility, and the potential impact of the designs.

Selected finalists move on to the next phase, where they refine their projects based on feedback from the judges. This iterative process is designed to simulate real-world design challenges, encouraging students to think critically and improve their concepts. The final phase culminates in a grand award ceremony where the best projects are showcased and winners are announced.

Notable Themes and Projects

Over the years, the Samsung Young Design Award has explored various themes that align with global trends and challenges. For instance, the 2009 edition focused on sustainable digital solutions, encouraging participants to design products that address environmental concerns and promote energy efficiency. Some standout projects from this edition included a floating unit for continuous energy generation using solar and wind power, and an exercise bike that converts physical activity into electricity.

In 2023, the competition emphasized solutions that contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Winning projects included a haptic pregnancy test for visually impaired individuals, an autonomous drone for sewer inspections, and a therapeutic toy for children with motor disabilities. These projects not only demonstrated innovative thinking but also highlighted the role of design in addressing social and environmental issues.

Reviews and Reception

The Samsung Young Design Award has received positive reviews from participants, educators, and industry professionals alike. It is praised for its role in bridging the gap between academic learning and practical application. Students appreciate the opportunity to receive feedback from experienced designers, which helps them refine their skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

Media coverage of the award often highlights the creativity and ingenuity of the participants. The award ceremonies, typically held in prestigious venues such as the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan, attract significant attention and celebrate the achievements of young designers. These events provide a platform for students to present their work to a broader audience, including potential employers and industry leaders.

Cultural and Social Significance

The Samsung Young Design Award holds considerable cultural and social significance. By focusing on themes like sustainability and social impact, the competition encourages young designers to consider the broader implications of their work. It fosters a sense of responsibility and ethical consideration, which is crucial in today's design landscape.

Furthermore, the award promotes the value of design education and the importance of nurturing young talent. It provides a unique opportunity for students to engage with real-world problems and develop solutions that can make a positive difference. This aligns with Samsung's broader mission of creating technology and design that improve people's lives and contribute to a better future.

The Samsung Young Design Award is more than just a competition; it is a catalyst for innovation and a platform for nurturing the next generation of design leaders. Through its emphasis on sustainability, social impact, and practical application, the award inspires young designers to think creatively and responsibly. As the competition continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly remain a significant force in the world of design, driving forward the principles of ethical and meaningful innovation.